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Hello from Palm Bay, FL


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Jan 15, 2018
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Hey guys, it's awesome that commercial operators now have a different forum of our own. Thanks to the creators.

I'm Dan Kelley. I've been a hobbyist since 1985 when I bought my first RC Heli from Walt Schoonard in Orlando, Fl at Miniature Aircraft. While learning to hover, without any gyro's, I attached a repaired security camera to my Schluter Champion and did my first FPV flight...err hover! Once I started forward flight, I stopped using the camera due to a serious lack of range back in those days. 300 ft was about it. Anyway, I progressed with rotory and fixed wing until around 2003 when I, like several others, started mixing tail rotors and gyro's to make a quad. They flew but they were terrible compared to my first production model, an MikroKopter Octo in 2006. It was amazing on stability and since I had been modifying a couple of Vario XLV's for camera work, I knew that multirotors were going to be the superior camera platform. I still have several XLV's that I haven't touched since. Although, I do miss flying the big guys. Aside from commercial ops, I still love to fly FPV freestyle quads.

Currently, I'm doing stuff for the power company like line inspections and hurricane assessment along with cell tower inspections. After working as a Wescam Operator/Tech in the film and video industry until 2005, I have had enough of the movie industry and now I only want to concentrate on the industrial side of things. I look forward to this forum.
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Welcome to our newest forum .
Take a little time and look around all our subforums to find what suits you and besure to read our Guidelines and ask if you have any questions in a message to any of the staff .
Enjoy all the knowledge members have to offer .

Also be sure and visit this thread CDP Giveaway - Phantom 4 Pro... :)
Hello and welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you on board. I'm confident you'll find lots of helpful and enlightening information throughout this forum.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the CommercialDronePilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in the commercial drone field.
Thanks guys, nice to meet the moderators. I'm sure this will be a fun adventure.
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