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Hello from Texas


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Jan 10, 2018
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DFW, TX, USA, Earth, Sol, OA, MWG, GLG, VS, L, GA
My experience with drones started off with a pre-order of the Phantom 3 Professional, and currently use a Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 as a backup for work.

My business is very limited--shooting promotional videos of commercial and public buildings for just one client--the construction company I work for. I got the job kind accidentally when one of the owners of the company took notice of me flying around the parking lot during my lunch break. I gave him a demo inside the office after my coworkers had left. He immediately suggested I film a beautiful hospital building that we had recently completed. After I threw a video together with some music, I was pleasantly surprised that the owners seemed to love it, and set up a plan for me to film other buildings and produce 3 minute videos to promote the company... in the end paying me a lot of extra cash as a sub-contractor--probably more than I'm worth at my skill level as a photographer and editor--but of course I'm not complaining...

Eventually, I'd like to get a drone that can carry LIDAR to take field measurements; but so far I'm not aware of any with the accuracy needed.

I'm also hoping one day to get a few or more clips bought from a stock-video site.

I'm interested in getting into survey and mapping type work--as I've enjoyed playing around with apps like MapsMadeEasy. However, as many others have noted; this industry is super-saturated. I'm sure there will be more niche's that come up in time, but then I also wonder if technology, very soon, will completely remove the need for a dedicated drone pilot or operator. I suppose, ultimately it's creativity in the use of technology, where any success is ultimately built upon.
It is a pleasure to welcome you to the CommercialDronePilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum to further your safety knowledge, for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in the commercial drone field.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. We are glad to have you on board. I'm confident you'll find lots of helpful and enlightening information throughout this forum.

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