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Hello from - the New California - JK


Jan 18, 2018
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Central California
Still funny to some of use here in Central Ca.

we've always been the other California...

Got the 107 early last year to be a backup pilot in our Civil/Survey Firm - Our Primary Pilot is extremely knowledgeable and and monitors the changes in the industry.

wow that test can be a bear to study for if you have no previous flight experience. the maps make sense but the logic can be easily confused - Weather Codes specifically I'm still fuzzy on and will have to study more -..
prefer the decoded ones avia and other apps provide - much better - shows both versions but still

Our primary use currently is Survey and Mapping (some aerial video and imagery) and every month brings a new challenge - posted over in AG earlier with some issues we ran into with very similar ground and attempting to map it... not enough image differentiation causing issues with ortho / point cloud generation.

Own my own P4 Standard and use it for practice primarily, but do a few flights here and there, but not actively doing my own thing that much.

Always glad to learn more myself and get out and take some images or see what upgrades can be done to improve flight time and visible differences...

also highly interested in development of reasonable flight rules specifically within the 5 mile range of towered airports and not waiting 90+ days while unlicensed pilots are doing it constantly (and getting paid) without having any issue...

Due to having the 107 - makes us more vulnerable by playing by the rules if we break them IMO.
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