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Insurance - Liability and Equipment

Jason Quickel

Jan 26, 2018
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San Antonio, Texas
Pilots, I am writing to ask for your opinions on liability and equipment insurance. Can you recommend a company that can offer both under one policy? I have used Verifly for basic liability, but they do not cover equipment. I am adding a DJI Inspire 2 to the fleet and do not wish to spend $400 for the DJI Care on the aircraft / camera if I can have a policy that will cover all of my aircraft for a comperable cost in the event of a catostrophic malfunction. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, look forward to hearing back...

Jason Quickel
Aero-Drone Imagery
I can't speak in regard to the equipment aspect but for the Liability aspect I use my AMA membership for my recreational liability and Verifly for my commercial liability. Both very affordable.
@Jason Quickel - I am an aviation insurance broker that specializes in commercial UAS insurance. I currently insure about 250 commercial UAS operations. I have written articles on UAS insurance and have been interviewed by Drone U for their podcast about UAS insurance. I can offer hull and liability coverage on one policy (as well as payload, non-owned liability, non-owned hull, non-owned payload, and aviation premises coverage). I insure single operators with one UAV all the way up to teams of pilots operating fleets of very sophisticated UAS. If you would like to check pricing, please follow the link below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am here to help.

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Joe Ernster
[email protected]
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Look up SkyVuze Insurance also. Call Drew. They write these with Berkley Aviation.
I have 1M liability, and 3K on Drone and accessories.
I too need a policy but I need WORLDWIDE coverage, most of which do NOT cover this. Does anyone know of a good liability and hull coverage that will work on any continent?

You may wanttocheck "Verifly" not sure auto their continental coverage.

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