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  1. Ilan Yusim

    SkyWatch.AI started offering monthly drone insurance plan

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to update on the latest developments from SkyWatch.AI. For those of you who are not familiar, SkyWatch.AI is a mobile app offering on-demand insurance and safety features, allowing drone pilots to pay less for flying safely. Yesterday we officially launched SkyWatch...
  2. HoodiVision

    Pro Immersive Hoods for DJI Drones

    Experience Total Visual Immersion In Comfort Exclusive HoodiVision Pro Drone Hoods 10% Discount Coupon Code: PRO PILOT We are pleased to present the HoodiVision / HiAerial Pro Immersive Hood with our exclusive Comfort Collar. Unlike tight clumsy goggles, just look up to see your surroundings...
  3. A

    The Great Insurance Information Thread of 2018!

    Hello, My name is Joe Ernster and I am an aviation insurance broker at Bullock Agency, Inc. I have insured manned risks since January of 2011 and unmanned risks since 2015. Since I began insuring unmanned operations, I have added 300+ commercial UAS customers to my books. My clients run the...
  4. Stuart Covey

    Liability Insurance Recommendations

    Hey all! So I'm looking for insurance recommendations. For the amount of flying I do, Verifly doesn't cut it (although it's great as a backup for higher coverage). I have been with Aerial Pak by Hill and Usher for the last year, but they are changing the insurance writer for the proposal. So I...
  5. A

    Insurance Showcase

    Hello All! My name is Joe Ernster and I am an aviation insurance broker that specializes in commercial UAS insurance. At the time of writing this, I currently insure about 250 commercial UAS operations. My agency also insures about 750 manned aircraft owners. The UAS operations that I insure...
  6. Jason Quickel

    Insurance - Liability and Equipment

    Pilots, I am writing to ask for your opinions on liability and equipment insurance. Can you recommend a company that can offer both under one policy? I have used Verifly for basic liability, but they do not cover equipment. I am adding a DJI Inspire 2 to the fleet and do not wish to spend $400...
  7. Russ Still

    Insurance for Drone Pilots - LIVE webinar

    Gold Seal is hosting a live webinar on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018 at 8:00pm eastern. Evan Garmon will be joining us for an indepth discussion and we'll be taking your questions. The event will be live streamed on both Facebook and YouTube simultaneously. Here's a webpage that will get you there...
  8. BritishBigfoot

    UK Insurance & Aerial Inspection - a brief overview

    Hi all, you're here probably because you are 1. in the UK and/or 2. trying to figure out how to get in with insurers to gain work. This stuff applies to the US too, to a degree. Not sure about prices though. Most insurance brokers are selling the products, they are not necessarily the people...
  9. Dave Pitman

    The Liability Scam

    Guys, as I'm sure many of you are aware (in the US anyway), most underwriters are wanting to charge us a liability premium for each covered UAV. I'm not talking hull coverage, I'm talking liability risk coverage. Rather than charging based upon actual risk involved by having a UAV in the air...