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Recent content by Bob

  1. Bob

    Bye Bye License

    You make the the assumption that drone pilot does not have contact with the authorities, out here there are several professional drone pilots and we do communicate with those in charge. We are not doung this for our own enjoyment it is sold to local tv station. Just saying.
  2. Bob

    Bye Bye License

    Are you saying drone pilot has no professional standard? Do you have to work at a TV station to be a professional? Why cant a part 107 pilot do the same as news team? I don't believe a drone is interfering with their investigation if he is above or a flying around a scene. I understand...
  3. Bob

    Here we go again-City Council approves restricting drone use

    Lets all file a request to fly whether we do or not let's bombard them with requests and see how that works for them. Lol
  4. Bob

    Fort Wayne (Ind.) has its own FAA (who knew?)

    Doesn't the FAA already cover this type of situation and how can they regulate the air space as they are not the FAA although I do understand they could regulate your takeoff and Landing points. Seems to me it's just a way to get attention that they are trying to fix a problem that does not exist.
  5. Bob

    Looking for Pilots

    Seems funny to me they gave not posted any more about this.
  6. Bob

    Drone ban, Stone Harbor, NJ

    You should practice more!. Ammo costs are going up to....lol
  7. Bob

    What gets someone the good jobs

    I keep a notebook for all my flying, whether a training, hobby or job flight. I put, what,where, times, and annotate pre flight and post flight inspection was done. I also add any notes about flight that may be important such as other people present. I have checklist i keep for those pre and...
  8. Bob

    DJI Release DJI Terra for Mapping Missions

    Anyone using this?
  9. Bob

    What gets someone the good jobs

    What does a log book look like? Is there a template?
  10. Bob

    Experience working with DroneBase

    I signed up with them and a few other companies right when I got my 107. I have not done any work for them simply because someone has always taken the job before I noticed it. I have seen only 1 other commercial operator in my area and he has his truck wrapped with drone company name, contact...
  11. Bob

    Should i go for it?? (PART 107 DRONE TRAINING)

    For that kinda money should include a drone.....lol....look into Gold Seal training, they guarantee you will pass exam or pay your test fee. I love thier courses, and it is for a lifetime, not just this 1 test.
  12. Bob

    UAS: The FAA Tightens the Screws

    There is a lot of talk about illegal activities here in the US. My question is as an operator that follows the rules what are we doing about it as it appears we are the ones complaining about the illegal activity this is not something I see in the news on a daily basis so what illegal activities...
  13. Bob

    QF-16s the baddest “drone” in my opinion.

    Hell, I will pay to fly this one!
  14. Bob

    Client wants aerial pics for 80 cents each

    I am one of those retirees who likes to make a little money on the side, I have been doing real estate pics for a company that has been reducing payouts to an average of $75 per job. For the time it takes and they want no editing, maybe not a bad deal. I just WON'Tdo a job that pays less than $100