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  1. C

    AirMap LAANC "Major Outage" / app issue

    https://status.airmap.com I was trying to set up flights for next week and couldn't get ANY to go through. I sent a support message via the app and they got right back with me with the above link. They're working on it but don't have a timeline for when it will be fixed. What's more, my past...
  2. Z

    AirMap Discrepancies - Mobile vs Desktop

    Has anyone noticed variations in the airspace layouts in AirMap's mobile app vs the desktop? Example: I went on my desktop to scout a new location this morning, and it looked like i had miles of open space between two sections of airspace. I then went to double check on my phone, and the...
  3. Sky Queen

    New airspace authorization directly from within the DroneDeploy- skip the 90-day wait

    Just thought to share this with you all commercial droners. This month, DroneDeploy partners, AirMap and Skyward are bringing this new feature, allowing you to take full advantage of LAANC — the FAA’s new Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability initiative. It is in BETA phase...
  4. mdurbanek


    It's understood that LAANC is not a reality yet for most of us, but I wish app makers were more forthcoming about their products. There are a couple of general aviation airports with towers in my county that are within 5 miles of my subjects. Filing a flight plan under 336 or 333 results in a...