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  1. J

    SOLD - Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - $2900.00

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with 5 DJI self heating batteries and DJI hard case for the Enterprise package. It does have the strobe, floodlight and speaker that have only been used to test them. This drone has been flown less than an hour. The batteries have 5, 3, 2, 2, 2 charges respectively...
  2. Florida Drone Supply

    Mavic 2 Dual Bundled with Smart Controller Now Available at Florida Drone Supply!

    The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual bundled with the Smart Controller has finally arrived, and Florida Drone Supply has them in stock! If you're interested in purchasing the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, this is the way to go. This bundle will save you nearly $400! Purchase yours today: Mavic 2...
  3. Apollo11capcom

    SOLD! final price. Autel Evo Package Deal

    SOLD! Reduced, final price... For sale: Autel Evo with lots of extras! This drone is an absolutely fantastic, reliable piece of engineering that I'd like to hang on to, but I have to finance the purchase of another camera for another drone. If you buy one new, you'll likely have to buy most...
  4. G

    Hyperlapse problem mavic zoom

    I have a mavic 2 zoom and everytime I make a hyperlapse, set everything to manual including WB, every some seconds the video just turns darker as if the settings have changed. I attached an example so you see what I'm talking about. What am I doing wrong? Anyone had this issue before? Fix ideas?
  5. Z

    AirMap Discrepancies - Mobile vs Desktop

    Has anyone noticed variations in the airspace layouts in AirMap's mobile app vs the desktop? Example: I went on my desktop to scout a new location this morning, and it looked like i had miles of open space between two sections of airspace. I then went to double check on my phone, and the...
  6. Z

    Construction Progress Photos

    Afternoon everyone - I've been asked to do monthly progress photos of a construction site with my Mavic Pro. My question is, is there a way to ensure that I am taking the exact same photo every month from the exact same location & angle? Other than bringing a copy of last months photo with...
  7. Mike Flys

    I flew the Mavic Air yesterday!

    I was invited to a Drone Nerds/DJI presentation in Hollywood Fl yesterday and got to play with the OSMO Mobile 2 and actually fly a Mavic Air! The winds were about 25 mph, it flew great, and still got nearly 20 minute flight times. Nice little copter. It wouldn't replace my Mavic Pro due to...
  8. Mike Flys

    Hello from Central FL

    Hey all, I'm Mike. I'm a South Dakota Resident currently living in Central Florida. My sUAS was the first issued by a South Dakota FSDO. I also hold a couple other FAA certificates, Pilot Airplane Single Engine Land/Sea and Light Sport Repairman with a Maintenance rating. I grew up in...
  9. Bruce A. Christianson

    Hello from Minneapolis, MN USA

    I’ve been a Commercial Photographer for 30 years shooting everything from Architecture, Corporate Capabilities, High-Tech Industry, Executive Portraits, Annual Reports, Products, Jewelry, Food, and Underwater Fashion. About 7 years ago I got hooked on flying cameras. Nothing’s been the same...
  10. RemoteAerialLLC

    1yr old and ready for warm weather again!

    Hello. I am the owner of Remote Aerial based in Louisville, KY. Originally I got into the business as a first responder (firefighter) but our area has not been super receptive yet due to an incident with our city department. I’ve since moved on to provide site surveillance and slow mo video for...