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  1. Ilan Yusim

    Traveling to New Heights - Drone Photography Guide for Travelers

    I'm happy to share a brand new guide written by Max Martinez with some great tips on how to travel with your drone. From planning, through safety to story-telling, you'll find the essentials to utilizing your drone even when on the move. Read the article here Got any great tips you'd like to...
  2. Ilan Yusim

    SkyWatch.AI started offering monthly drone insurance plan

    Hi pilots, I'm excited to update on the latest developments from SkyWatch.AI. For those of you who are not familiar, SkyWatch.AI is a mobile app offering on-demand insurance and safety features, allowing drone pilots to pay less for flying safely. Yesterday we officially launched SkyWatch...
  3. Local UAS

    Skirting Class E Airspace..

    Folks, I'm headed to FL for vacation and want to bring my drone to fly both for fun and some future b-roll to potentially use in my portfolio. I'm looking at the airspace around where I'll be vacationing and I'll be flying in a relatively narrow space between two Class E areas. See pic: Split...
  4. afranco417

    Waiver safety questions

    Im applying for a waiver to fly my Inspire2 over a downtown area. The city has asked "Has your UAS has been tested to determine what injury level may occur if the aircraft were to hit a human being?" I reached out to DJI who says they do not release that information to the public. Has anyone...
  5. Mike Flys

    FAAST classes & webinars

    FAA Safety Team As a private airplane pilot I have been attending FAAST classes for years. As commercial drone pilots you can and should attend as well. You sign up for free at Safer Skies Through Education - FAA - FAASTeam - FAASafety.gov After you set up your account you can choose from a...