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Questions for part 107 pilots


Jan 15, 2018
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What did you do to prepare for the test?
What was your total cost?

I have been flying drones non-commercially for about 4 years and I would like to add them to our commercial offerings. I get spam emails from companies offering to help getting part 107. Just trying to find out exactly what to expect with this.

I studied the book for airmen and took online tests to see how I was doing. I don't have any links but there are some places to test yourself, but you should deduct 10 points from whatever you score on those tests. I heard that before I took my real test and they were right. I scored 10 points below what I was scoring on the simulated tests (and just barely passed). I'm thankful I didn't spend any money on a course--just $25 for a book.
I found all of the necessary resource material online for free. Studied for about a month in the evenings, taking example tests and focusing in on subject areas I was not completely understanding. Took three weeks off and did not think about or read any of the material then; went back through and took the example tests and once again, focused on what I was missing, and studied for another two weeks or so until I understood the subjects better. I thought it was important not only to pass the test but to get to where the subject matter was second nature and it has been reassuring to have done so. Some may do better in a classroom environment however, just pick what works best for you.
RemotePilot101.com for me too. Also the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge because it was a different angle on the subject and is also full of practice test questions.

Best of luck!
I think the benefit of remotepilot101 is that he clearly points out this is on the test throughout videos. The same questions were literally word for word on test.
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I purchased it on a Thursday night and got a 95 the following Wednesday. Watch the videos then rewatch lesson 2 and 6. You should be able to find a promo code its around 120 I think.

I second RemotePilot101.com. $149 bucks and I ran through the course and into the test without issue.
DronePilotGroundSchool.com is what I used. Mind you I was studying before the rules had actually went into effect, so the choices where limited.
But that being said I loved Drone Pilot Ground School. It walked through everything in way that I could actually understand, and not just “know the facts”.
I think I paid $200 for it, but it’s $299 now. Totally worth it though. Remember that no matter what, you’ll also have the $150 testing fee when you’re ready to get certified.
Good luck!
We used and suggest all of our clients utilize
FAA Part 107 Ground School

They teach you the subject matter as opposed to teaching you "how to pass the test". They are FAA instructors and 2nd to none in the industry.

And best of all they have an AMAZING policy:

The Gold Seal Guarantee – You Pass or We Pay

This one is so easy. No one ever fails when they study with Gold Seal. But if you do, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of the FAA exam. To qualify, all you have to do is complete the course, score 90% or better on three practice final exams, score 80% or better on the Gold Seal final exam, and take the FAA Knowledge Test within five days after.
Search RemotePilot101 on YouTube. You can get a taste of what the videos are like.
Thanks for the kind words, BigAl. And we are proud to say that we are the ONLY Part 107 training course that has been approved by the FAA.

Glad to see your Avatar pop up on the screen Russ.

CONGRATS on Gold Seal earning this huge designation! I'm not surprised in the least.
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The FAA has a special training environment covered in Part 141. To be approved for training under this Part of the FARs requires a stringent evaluation by the FAA and results in formal documentation and certification. UAVGroundSchool.com is the first Part 107 ground school program to be so approved.
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I'm familiar with curriculum under Part 141. I had never heard of it being applied to Part 107 training, until now of course. Thanks.
This is a whole new world we are living in in regards to Aviation and we are seeing many firsts almost daily in our industry. I'm proud to be able to say I support and endorse Gold Seal to each and every one of our clients. I have yet to have anyone come back and say anything negative about Gold Seal.
I also found everything I needed online for free. The FAA has alot of of material available including its study guide, 3DR has put a page together that has almost everything in one place.
Have a look...
Over about 2 weeks time I went through the FAA study guide, the pilots handbook of aeronautical knowledge and watched a couple videos on metars and sectional charts and this video from Tony Northrup
Tony has a great way of explaining things that most people will find easy to follow since hes a photographer and not someone with an aeronautical background. He also has a "cram sheet" linked in the video description that is great to look over right before you go into the test. I passed with an 85% and only paid for the price of the test. My advice would be to definitely master reading sectional charts and weather reports and memorize most of the stuff on that cram sheet.

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